Founded in 2014, The Roaring Fork Shooting School is here to assist you in learning about firearms and safety, with an emphasis on knowledge, competence and fun.

At our Colorado school, located on the flanks of Basalt Mountain near Aspen, we train with and use firearms, responsibly, both to harvest game and for personal protection. We aim to educate and dispel fears about guns in our community.

We respect those who hold different views about firearms, but we emphasize our Constitutional right to bear arms in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.

Firearms are wonderful tools that can provide years of recreational enjoyment, a pathway to personal accomplishment, and a means of securing our safety and freedom from coercion and bodily harm in our homes and society.

The Roaring for Shooting School emphasizes training to reach concrete goals. Completion of our NRA Basic Pistol Class qualifies students to apply for their Colorado Concealed Carry Permit.